Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trying To Get A Lawyer

As mentioned before I have a plan, or at least the outline of a plan, to go back to court.  So I decided to get a lawyer. It is not so easy. Everyone, at least all lawyers, tell you never, never be your own lawyer in court. What they do not tell you is that it can be very difficult if not impossible to get a lawyer to represent you. There is a certain sad logic to why I am having trouble finding a lawyer to represent me. My case involves criminal actions by many people but especially the opposing lawyer, Nelly Wince. I suspect there is an unwritten rule that divorce attorneys never take on a case that involves  misconduct by a colleague. Also, in my case there is clear evidence that the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board acted in a criminal manner to cover up Nelly Wince's  actions. I have found that even the Board's own statistics show that they very, very rarely  take action against a lawyer and in almost all cases where they do, it is only after the lawyer has been convicted of a crime. They have been able to show me a single example of acting against a lawyer for knowingly lying in family court. Not one. Ever. No doubt, virtually all lawyers and certainly all divorce lawyers in my county know that lying in family court is the norm. The ethical rules, by the way, clearly state not only that lawyers must at all times tell the truth but must inform the court if they know their client is not telling the truth. Not many lawyers would be willing to go after the very body the disciplines lawyers.

This is how corrupt systems grow and survive.

The end result is that even with the absolutely unquestionable evidence I have, I so far have been unable to get a lawyer.

Apparently it is the same in Canada

You may ask why I do not get a lawyer outside of family law since my case is more about criminal actions at this point. Well there a a Catch-22. Unfortunately, lawyers who take on cases agaisnt other lawyers and organizations such as the ACLU do not take divorce cases. 

The good news is that I now further understand the reality of what I am facing.

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