Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Real Reason I Loath Corruption

Spring's divorce of me has taught me many things. I learned that she has no problem committing perjury and fraud. I learned that receiving  money from me is worth more than her self-dignity or relationship with the children.

Even more distributing I learned that lawyers such as Nelly Wince commit crimes, crimes which devastate innocent people including many children, as a normal part of their careers.

I leaned that institutions such as the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, whose very existence is designed to ensure lawyers not only act within the law but in accordance with the Lawyers Code of Professional Conduct operate in a way which is nearly exactly the opposite. They protect lawyers from the consequences of their inappropriate and illegal actions. Indeed, according to their own published statistics they virtually never discipline a lawyer unless the lawyer has already been convinced of a crime. Amazingly they have not been able to provide me a single example where they disciplined a divorce lawyer for lying in court. Ever. As a consequence, it is widely known that many divorce lawyers encourage their clients to commit perjury as well as regularly lie and commit fraud themselves. In practice many lawyers seem to use ethical oath as a reverse guide to figure out the best strategies for illegal and unethical behavior.

I learned that many judges, county attorneys, mediators and others regularly act in ways which are quite simply abhorrent.

The consequences of all this are enormous. Innocents are hurt and die. Our economy is negatively affected. And probably worst of all humanity itself is tarnished.  It is depressing that we as humans can act like this. If evil exists, this is it.

Yet ironically, despite all this, I am an optimist. It is absolutely irritating to me that I have to be the person who has to point all this out. This is not what I want to do. What I want is to focus on much bigger issues. I am most interested in the long future of humanity.

I do not really want to write about corruption in the divorce industry. I want to write about how humanity is going to survive and prosper. How we will evolve as a species. How we will expand beyond our home planet. I have had letters published in both Wired and Scientific American on this subject.

I imagine all those corrupt people operating in the divorce industry can't even imagine why this would be important because they have an inability to care about anything but themselves. They have no vision because they care only for themselves. They have lost their souls.

I hope really hope that there are enough people who do care, care for more than just themselves, for our species to survive.

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