Saturday, November 24, 2018


Thanksgiving is the most traditional holiday for me. All my siblings get together with their kids and occasionally the random guest or two who did not have anywhere else to go. The kids and I host. The food is mostly the same. The core being the traditional turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pies, along with our family traditions of stuffed olives and pistachios. And there are always a few unique items every year. This year one of my brothers brought whipped sweet potatoes and my eldest made polbano peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Mmmm.

The stories and jokes are the same. Somehow, despite this, everyone laughs just the same as always. This reminds me of when I was a kid and would laugh at my uncles' well worn stories and jokes. Tradition. 

We truly give thanks at Thanksgiving. For family. For love. For those who have sacrificed for us. I take a broad view on this. I thank my parents who not only raised me but gave the opportunity to be educated. They taught me to think critically. They taught me ethics and responsibility.

I thank all those who throughout history have worked to improve humanity. Those who have helped others. Those who have made humanity better. Whether that be in new knowledge, art or ethics.

I believe we who have benefited so much from the countless people who have gone before us have an obligation to do the same. It is unfortunate that many, due to lack of material wealth or education, can only deal with daily survival.  Others, even more sadly, choose to go through life only caring about themselves. They use others to obtain wealth or prestige without guilt. They live life only to entertain themselves. They lack the empathy to even realize they are hurting others. They gladly commit the most heinous actions if they are assured they can get away with them. This site has many examples of people who act this way.

I have spent years being the victim of crime. Crimes committed by Spring as well as many working in family court. Although I have spoken out, I have seen zero progress in my case and have no real evidence my protests have helped others. Although I hope they have.

But clearly my efforts have been subdued due to my desire to protect my children. Spring has used the children as leverage agaisnt me. She doesn't realize she hurts them and herself in doing so.

Now, with my youngest graduating form college in the spring, that leverage is having less and less of an effect. I know that I am not in a unique position. I know that unethical and criminal actions are common in family court. I know that these actions are a cancer on society and spread pain, suffering and even death to many innocent people. Given that knowledge, am I not obligated to do all I am capable of to improve justice in family court? 

To be honest, the reason I have not spoke out more, the reason I have remained publicly anonymous, is not just to protect the children. It is because this is not what I envisioned my contribution to society to be. There are many, many other ways to help humanity I would prefer to focus on. The corruption in family court has a stench that repels me. But it seems I do not have a choice. Because it has not been my choice.

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