Saturday, May 25, 2019


Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative deal with his accusers. He, actually his insurance companies, will pay out $44 million as follows:
About $30 million would go to the accusers, studio creditors and former employees of Weinstein Co. who said they felt they might be punished in a hostile work environment, according to the Journal. Another $14 million would pay for legal fees that Harvey Weinstein's associates faced.
Note that some of the money will go to his former employees because they worked in a hostile work environment. WHAT! That is like SS guards who worked at a concentration camp receiving money from Germany because they worked in a hostile work environment.

If Weinsteins's employees did not like working for him they should have left.

$44 million paid out to people because Harvey Weinstein is a lewd scum ball. Yet people like Nelly Wince, who clearly committed serious crimes, not only get away with their crimes but the victims (i.e. me) have to pay her.


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