Sunday, September 1, 2019

Steve Clark Tries Again

Steve Clark has been trying for several years to change alimony laws in California. He is back at it.  Kudos to Clark for is tenacity.

One item in the article I cringe at is the statement:
And childcare still tends to fall disproportionately to women – the ones most likely to cut back on work hours, Heyde noted.
“I’ve heard a lot of men say, ‘She made the choice to put her career on hold to raise the children,’” Heyde said. “Well, he benefited, too. Kids’ extracurricular activities and doctor appointments are also the father’s responsibility.”
Why do people always assume that the mother is the primary caregiver in cases where alimony is awarded? In my case, Spring was clearly not the primary caregiver. The custody evaluator ruled that parenting during the marriage was joint and in reality I did far more of it. And since the divorce that has only become more evident.

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