Sunday, April 26, 2020

Liars's Court

Even attorneys understand that it is common for litigants and defendants in family court to lie. Indeed, many lawyers refer to family court as "Liars Court" although they don't often acknowledge that it is often the lawyers themselves who are lying and encouraging their clients to lie. Clearly,  Nelly Wince lied and no one, not the judge, not law enforcement, not the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, not the county attorney's office did a thing about it. Why? Because lying, fraud and other crimes have become so ubiquitous in family court that it is considered normal. Like death in a Nazi concentration camp.
Family court has an unflattering nickname among attorneys already. Some refer to it simply as “Liar’s Court,” in a dry reference to the fact that just about everyone involved in the cases that end up there seems willing to lie to get what they want.

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