Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Perpetuation of a False Accusation

Dismantling Family Court Corruption has an short blog post on  The Perpetuation of a False Accusation which discusses the prevalence and false accusations and how damaging they are in family court.

The article rightly states the reason:
Even though the Target parent is exonerated of all charges during and after the trial, the judge can still be highly influenced by the lies, ruling an unfair judgement anyway
The reason litigants and lawyers lie so much is that it works. There is little if any chance that such lies will be prosecuted for the crimes they are and judges are influenced by such lies no matter how much they are proven false.

Here is an extract from a transcript of a pure lie Spring's lawyer Nelly Wince made in court where she asserted quite strongly that she had not received a vocational assessment. The fact is that she did as the affidavit of service states.  Real names have been removed.

10 THE COURT: The evaluation is at least
11 part of the submissions that (ME) has provided.
12 MS. (WINCE): That was not part of what
13 was provided to me, Your Honor. I did not receive
14 any exhibits. So I would like --
15 THE COURT: We have a document filed in
16 February 8th, 2011, and it's Document 42 in the court
17 file. It's a December 1, 2009 evaluation by
18 rehabilitation counselors regarding (SPRING), now
19 (SPRING).
20 MS. (WINCE): Could the court tell me what
21 else was filed with (MY) affidavit?
22 THE COURT: Well, you can take a look
23 in the file.
24 MS. (WINCE): I did not receive any of
25 that. The only thing I received was his pay stubs as
1 part of an exhibit, so that is why our affidavit does
2 not address the vocational evaluation. Because we
3 did not know that he had filed it with his motion,
4 otherwise I certainly would have done that, Your
5 Honor.
6 THE COURT: Okay.
7 MS. (WINCE): And I'm really disturbed by
 8 the fact that I didn't receive a complete copy of the
 9 submissions.

Nelly Wince's claim that she did not receive the vocational assessment was knowingly false. The docket she received contained an Affidavit of Service, which she  did not refute receiving,  from a third party which stated:

“I served the attached documents, namely Notice of Motion and Motion to Modify Child Support/Spousal Maintenance, Affidavit in Support of Motion to Modify Child Support/Spousal Support, Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Motion to Modify Child Support/Spousal Support, Financial Affidavit for Child Support, Pay stubs for (ME) for the periods June 2010 and December 2010, and Vocational Assessment of (SPRING) f/ k/a (SPRING) performed by (EVALUATOR)  of Rehabilitation Counselors Inc. “

The evidence could not be more clear. Yet Nelly Wince and Spring got away with it. Pure crime, clear corruption.

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