Sunday, July 26, 2020

How Weird Is This?

I ran across an article titled,  Paying Alimony: The 5 Types of Alimony on FindLaw from 2009 (the same year Spring was divorcing me) which states that one of the factors which can be used to determine alimony is the, "gender of the party seeking alimony". Wow!
What makes alimony calculations difficult to predict is the fact that each state court has its own method of determining the amounts. Some factors commonly employed in deciding how much alimony will be due and for how long include:
  • how long the couple was married
  • how long the couple was separated
  • the age of the ex-spouses
  • incomes of the ex-spouses
  • future financial potential of each party
  • gender of the party seeking alimony
I should not be surprised as Spring's lawyer Nelly Wince did explicitly use the fact that Spring was a women as a reason for the court to award alimony.

Factoring in gender as reason to for awarding alimony is about as sexist as you can get. According to the custody evaluator Spring was not the primary parent, the employment evaluation states she could make as much money as me, she never used a dime of her earned income for the children or me, and she clearly committed fraud yet she was given permanent alimony by the court. It is utterly unfair and unjust. And sexist.

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