Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A New Phase

I have lost my job due to the Cornavirus. The company I work for has seen revenues down by over 80% since the start of the pandemic. Technically I took an early retirement package (I was with them for over 32 years) but I was advised to take the package or risk being let go. After I left, my position was eliminated. Previously my pay had been cut by 25% and my compensation reduced by well over 50% starting April 1st. 

I will go back to court to not only eliminate spousal support but vacate the order mandating it due to fraud upon the court. I have the evidence, the law is clear but the road will be hard because crime and corruption are endemic in family court. I am now working full time putting together a case. Very likely I will be representing myself as it has proven impossible, at least so far, to find an ethical lawyer to represent me. 

Although I am a realist, I cling to the hope of achieving justice not only for myself but for the many others who have been similarly harmed by the court.  All I can do is try.

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