Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hidden Sexism

Some forms of sexism are obvious and obviously wrong. For example, women make up far less than 50% of our politicians and corporate leaders. But, as has I have often talked about in the past, many forms of sexism are more hidden. Examples include:

  • Nearly all combat deaths in the military are men.
  • Men suffer the vast majority of workplace injuries.
  • Alimony is nearly always paid by men.
Many people, including many women, do not think of the above as sexism agaisnt women but the truth is that anytime we assume women are weaker or less capable than men you open up the floodgates for discriminating agaisnt women. It is hard to argue agaisnt reasoning such as - If they work less dangerous jobs then of course they should be paid less. 

The excuse most often given is that women aren't as physically strong as men so therefore they should not work in physically demanding rolls. Which, in truth, is a bunch of B.S. By the same logic the military should be exclusively black. 

The idea that women are weaker is a cultural not physical. A white person is not disqualified from combat roles because on average whites are less muscular and shorter than blacks. Furthermore on average women have better endurance than men.  

New findings on our ancient ancestors are proving the point. Women appear to make up 30 - 50% of big game hunters. (and I suspect that number will become 50% as more studies force us to reevaluate our prejudices) If women could hunt mammoth with spears I think they can pull the trigger on rifle, operate a crane, and support themselves. Fix these issues and the wage gap between men and women will become history. 

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