Friday, December 4, 2020

Paperwork In

I have submitted all the paperwork for my upcoming motion to set aside the 2012 ruling due to fraud upon the court. Note that the 2012 ruling was not the divorce decree but the order that gave Spring permanent spousal support. It is a strange thing. The original divorce decree gave Spring far more that half the marital assets (none of which she contributed to), spousal support for over two years, plus child support. Custody was joint although the children spent more time with me. Spring avoided all financial responsibility for the children. In addition, I was burdened with over $100,000 in legal costs, some of which was for Springs' lawyer.

The 2012 ruling gave Spring permanent spousal support despite a vocational evaluation that stated she could earn as much as me and a custody evaluation which concluded she was not the primary parent during the marriage. And most significantly despite absolute evidence she had committed fraud upon the court. 

Will the court rule in my favor? If rule of law and principles of justice and equality under the law hold then there is no question that I will prevail. But I would not bet on it. Odds are the court will double down on corruption as that has been my experience to date. But no matter what I am not paying any more money. If the judge holds me in contempt of court, that would be appropriate as I will have an ocean full of contempt.  

To top off this (mostly) annus horribilis I found out on Monday I have cancer. Luckily it is a fairly treatable form. I had surgery yesterday which seemed to go pretty well.  Recover will take awhile however. 

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