Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Holding Family Law Judges Accountable

ParentAdvocates.org has an article on  Holding Family Law Judges Accountable which does a good job of explaining the current reality of family courts in the U.S. 

The key points made are:

  • Family Law Judges Rubber-Stamp Civil Rights Abuses
  • Family Law Courts Reward Criminals, Punish Victims
  • Typical Family Law Abuses Include “Kick Out” Orders
  • Courts Encourage Financial Victimization by Aggressor Spouses

Judges often complain they are overworked but the the truth is many family court judges encourage litigation and fraud because they themselves so handsomely reward it. 

The reality of our family court system is that all too often it rewards crime, encourages more crime, harms innocent people, and costs an immense amount of money which taxpayers have to pay. 

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