Thursday, July 21, 2022

KidsMatter Denounces San Diego Family Court System

KidsMatter, a non-profit group in San Diego, has denounced the local family court system for putting profits before parents and children. The specific evidence-based changes made include:

  1. Judges who have been recused backdating orders to before their recusal;
  2. Judges permanently removing children from their parents based upon unproven or hearsay allegations;
  3. Frivolous and fraudulent restraining orders based on false allegations;
  4. Violations by Minors' counsels, with one even admitting the San Diego Family Law courts are corrupt;
  5. Multiple and frequent ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) violations;
  6. Suppression of exculpatory evidence (evidence that would tend to exonerate);
  7. Attorney sponsored blackmail;
  8. Blocking older children from testifying despite there being specific Family Law codes allowing their testimony;
  9. Numerous documented Child Protective Services and Family Court Services abuses, resulting in the removal of children from good parents;
  10. Court sanctioned child abduction as punishment for litigants not agreeing with a judge's unconstitutional ruling 
  11. Frequent and institutionalized due process and civil rights violations of parents and their children;
  12. Intentionally blocking public access to the courts or removing of courtroom observers without cause;
  13. Conducting secret hearings without notice (euphemistically known as "Star Chambers") that result in the removal of children from their parents.

The exploitation of parents and their children stems from the deeply flawed ecosystem that attorneys and judicial officers have created for themselves in the management and litigation of divorce cases. These Family Law participants are acutely aware that a parent's love for their children is unconditional, where a mother or father will make great sacrifices and go to the ends of the earth to protect their bond and relationship with their children.

Unfortunately for these parents, the Family Court ecosystem is designed and managed by the members of the California State Bar, which was recently hit with a scathing report on April 14, 2022 from Michael S. Tilden, California's State Auditor.  In the report, Tilden outlines several issues with the State Bar, including: undisclosed conflicts of interest between judges and attorneys; misappropriation of client funds; and improper handling of judicial complaints; among other egregious violations of the letter and the spirit of justice.

What people need to understand is that this is the norm across the county. Our legal system, the very system designed to ensure justice, has become the center of crime and corruption in our country. Especially in family court. 

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