Saturday, July 16, 2022

Women In The MIlitary

Vox has an interesting article on some of the first female combat fighter pilots in the 1990s. The struggles they went through just to be able to have the same opportunity as a man is both historically epic and inspiring. 

I have always found it so strange that anyone would think it inappropriate for women to be in combat. Such attitudes just scream sexist. Sexism which hurts women because they are denied positions many want and sexism which hurts men because they are obligated to take on dangerous roles they may not want. 

It’s about being an individual and realizing your potential as an individual, not being a man or woman.

You cannot convince me that women can be protected from the horrors of war. … No one seems to care if I get raped on the way to my local grocery store. I’m just not allowed to get raped by the enemy.

Yet even today, we see very little outrage over sexism in the military. Nearly all combat deaths are male and draft registration is still male only.  

Allowing women to serve in all role in the military and obligating them to the same extent as men do so when required is not only right and fair but makes for a much stronger military. Those who disagree are simply blinded by their sexism. 

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