Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"A Terroristic Divorce" Blog

A Terroristic Divorce is a blog by man who went through many of the same experiences as me. Possibly worse.  Although I suspect most of what he wrote is true, the tone is, well, not quite as moderate as mine. But then again, if I wasn't able to at least keep my kids I might well be a bit more frank in my writings as well. Because of the tone I have hesitated to provide a link to the site but I think the content is too important to ignore. Note that the site provides extensive corroborating documentation.

Much of what happened in the case described in a Terroristic Divorce is sadly all too familiar. An ex-spouse who commits perjury and makes false accusations. An unethical lawyer. A judge who ignores the law and any since of decency.

The Corruption FAQ is especially informative.

Note that I do think there are many ethical lawyers, judges and law enforcement officials. But there are a lot of bad ones as well and the system itself is institutionally corrupt. By this I mean that even those that are good tolerate the bad because unethical and criminal behavior is so common it isn't vewed as "really" wrong. I have had lawyers personally tell me that my assessment of how the divorce system works is spot on but there is nothing that can be done because that is just how the system works. This is similar to bribery in countries where it endemic.This needs to change.

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