Monday, January 12, 2015

The Love and Iron Project - The Alarming Rise Of False Allegations Of Abuse

There is an excellent article on The Love and Iron Project titled, The Alarming Rise Of False Allegations Of Abuse.

The article details, with supporting references, the growing trend of false allegations in divorce cases. Despite the fact that false allegations are a criminal offence they are rarely prosecuted. Many lawyers encourage their clients to make false allegations in order to gain more money. They do this because it is effective and there is virtually no downside. Well, no downside if you lack a conscious or care about the long-term relationship with your children. 

And as much as child predators are the lowest forms of life, those who manipulate these laws for personal gain in a divorce action are no better – they are disgustingly selfish, vile, and ruthless human beings.  
The comments are a very worthwhile read as well.

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