Saturday, January 10, 2015

askmen - Why Do Divorce Laws Marginalize Men?

Although askmen's article, "Why Do Divorce Laws Marginalize Men?"  has a bit of man vs. woman tone that I don't really care for, it does have some interesting points that make it a worthwhile read. 

From the article:
In America, men are forced to pay around 40% of their income to ex-wives, regardless of wrongdoing on the woman's parts (often called "no-fault" alimony). She could commit adultery and beat her husband or kids, and none of it will influence the court's decision.
More shockingly still, a woman can simply accuse her husband of sexual or physical abuse (or simply express a fear of it) and instantly win a restraining order forcing him away from his home and children, without so much as a hearing. In fact, most divorce lawyers will advise a woman to do this, and those who do not can be sued for legal malpractice.
And once she has the kids, the family court will be loath to enforce visitation rights for the father. All the mother has to do is ask.
is sadly very common. Although Spring wasn't able to take the children from me, she tried her best. And what she did manage to take is unconscionable

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