Saturday, June 20, 2015

Men, Suicide, Divorce And Family Court

One of the tragedies of the reality of divorce is that people who are treated unjustly often run out of options and end up taking their own lives. Most of these are men which is likely solely due to the fact that currently men are more likely to be treating unjustly in divorce cases. In fact men are 9.7 times as more likely to commit suicide after a divorce than women are. But by no means does that mean that only men are treated unjustly. Woman can and are treated unjustly as well and some of them commit suicide too. It is a bad system for all, just worse for men at present.
And if you do not think it affects kids watch this video from Amiee Nicholls who against her will was separated from her dad for many years due to a horrible divorce in the United Kingdom. (where apparently divorce is as bad as in the U.S.)

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