Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Parasitism And The Marriage Strike

Parasitism And The Marriage Strike is a blunt article on the reality of divorce and how it favors women. Although the statistics bear this out, I have always been uncomfortable dwelling on it because the root issue isn't men vs. women, it is the lack of equal justice for all. The means, often criminal as in my case, are just a mechanism that works. In the past, an unethical person might falsely accuse a black person of rape in order to extract money out of him or force him to move. That was a means that worked so it was used. (One could argue it still works) Currently the mechanism used in divorce court is, more often than not, false accusations and fraud against men. These crimes are committed because the system is so institutionally corrupt that the perpetrators know they can get away with their crimes and that they are effective. It is a horrible but that is the reality.

I want to point out a really good comment that was made for the above article.

Hi -- Thank you for writing this with such clarity and wit. I am a woman dating a divorced man, and have witnessed the wreckage of his parasitic ex spouse. I've also read many horrifying stories from divorced fathers / husbands...

For all the men (and women) out there, definitely read up on what happens during/after a divorce, and don't settle for anything less than your equal: equal in values, equal in vision for future, equal in financial matters, equal in work ethic and ambition, equal in expectation, and an equal who will respect and consider you as much as you do them.

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