Saturday, July 11, 2015

Darryl Hamilton Murder

The recent murder of former Major League Baseball player and MLB Network analyst Darryl Hamilton by his wife Monica Jordan, who afterward killer herself, is an amazing and telling tale of the realities of our justice system. 

In 2008, Jordan, a lawyer, admitted to chasing her former husband around the home, trying to douse him with gasoline.  Their house was burned to the ground as a result. Jordan was sentenced to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty. Yet amazingly the fact that she committed arson and tried to burn her husband alive was not enough for the Texas Bar Association to revoke her license to practice law or sanction her in any way. 

The sad reality of our justice system is that lawyers such as Jordan and Nelly Wince can commit the moist heinous crimes and get away with them because lawyers are held to a different standard of justice than non-lawyers. Bar associations, judges and prosecutors are all lawyers and they tend more than any other profession to cover up crimes within their ranks. 

Sadly, the behavior of lawyers such as Nelly Wince is incredibly common and thus leads to far more pain and death than the more sensational cases such as Jordan's murder of Darryl Hamilton

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