Friday, July 24, 2015

Families Civil Liberties Union (FCLU)

The Families Civil Liberties Union (FCLU) is a national organization based in New York.  their mission statement:
Our mission is the education and promotion of equalized gender rights, fair and standardized laws and practices nationally in relation to Family and Domestic Relations Law. We believe no child should be without either parent, except in rare cases of abuse, and the laws need to reflect that belief. We believe matrimonial attorneys and the judicial system enforcing Family and Domestic Relations Law should be held accountable to providing a system that is fair, unbiased and benefits the family as a whole.
is hard to argue with yet the reality is that many of those who benefit from a an unjust judicial system work every day to thwart FCLU's goals.

I am amazed that I have not stumbled across them earlier as they appear to be a large active organization and I do not think I disagree with a single one of their key issues.

The Divorce Industry Requires Oversight and Reform
  • Divorce Is Just A Breakup. It Shouldn’t Cost Your Life Savings And Destroy Your Children’s Future.
  • Divorce Has No Place In Court. Divorcing Couples Are Not Criminals Yet Are Treated Like It Every Day.
  • Divorce Has Become A $100 Billion Dollar Business That Feeds Off Our Life Savings, College Funds And Children’s Mental Health And Future
  • President Of The United States Must Create A Special Commission To Conduct A National Review Of The Divorce Process
  • Protection Of Pre-Marital Assets Must Be Standard Rule in all States.  The Current Need For Pre-Nuptial Agreements Is One More System Created Trap Designed For Attorney Revenue.  Change The Laws And Assets Are Automatically Protected – For Men AND Women.  And Tens Of Thousands Of Legal Fee Dollars Stay In Your Children’s College Funds.
  • Financial Caps On Litigation Costs Must Be Established – Fixed Fee, Lump Sum Contracts Based On Percent Of Salary
  • Divorce Process Must Have Term Limit – 3-6 Months Maximum.  You can buy or sell a million dollar home in 30
  • days with complete protection due to regulations and reform.
  • Judges Must Be Barred From Court Appointing Vendors
  • Judges Must Not Act As Tax Payer Funded Collection Agents For Their Preferred, Court Appointed Vendors
  • Attorney Ethics Violation Review Boards Must Not Be Run By Attorneys
  • Attorney Ethics Certification Program Must Be Made Industry Standard – See CEMA™ Program
Child Custody Must Be Shared Physical Custody
  • Equal Legal & Physical Custody Must Become Standard Rule
  • Court Created Custody Disputes Fuel The $100 Billion Industry
  • It Is Not The Government’s Place To Subjectively Judge Our Private Family Affairs From The Opaque View Of The Stand
  • Primary Caregiver Concept Must Be Abolished – Does Not Reflect this Century.  Whether Working At Home Or The Office, It All Counts As Primary Caregiver Time.
Gender Neutrality Is Law And Must Be Upheld
  • Discrimination Is Illegal In All 50 States Except Family Court
  • Gender Bias Must be Eliminated
Pendente Lite Support IS Alimony
  • Clock Starts Day One Of Divorce Filing
  • PL Support Must Count Dollar For Dollar Towards Alimony
  • Lack Of Rules Encourages Divorce Delays And False Accusations
Alimony Must Reflect This Century
  • Women Are Well Educated And Capable – The Damaging System is Reversing
  • Alimony Must Be Based On Equal Rights
  • System Must Be Fair With Clear Guidelines On The Award Of Spousal Support
Child Support Is For Children
  • Child Support Is Not For A Primary Custody Parent’s Night Out
  • Accountability Must Be Established For Child Support Spending
  • Receipts Must Be Provided With Unused Funds Placed In Children’s Bank Account
  • No Child Support Obligations For Non-Biological Men
Automatic Restraining Orders Are Unconstitutional
  • Restraining Orders Represent The Most Unconstitutional And Illegal Tool In The Family Court Judicial System
  • One Complaint Gets A Person Automatically Removed From The Home, Possessions And Children – No Questions Asked
  • Restraining Orders Without Due Process Of Law Hearings Must be Banned and State Judiciaries Sued For Infractions
  • Process Must Meet The Principles Of America, Our Constitutional Rights And The Bill Of Rights
  • Consent Orders Which Trade Freedom For Possessions Represent Extortion And Must Be Banned
False Accusations Must Be Punishable By Law
  • False Accusations For Custody Are Standard Practice
  • Accusations Create Enviable Revenue Stream For The Industry
  • Punishment For False Accusations Must Be Established
  • Punishment For Parental Alienation Must Be Established
Lawyers Are Not Accountants
  • Lawyers Should Be Banned From Financial Work.
  • Lawyers Are Prone to Financial Errors And Charge For Inflated Rates For Services They Are Not Efficient At Nor Qualified For.
Substance Abuse Testing Must Be In Accordance with ASTM Standards
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse “Experts” use Non Chain of Custody Tests to Entrap Parents in False Test Results for Custody Gain
  • Thousands of Professional Labs Exist in Every State in Nation – Chain of Custody Must be Law
  • LDAC Ethics Review Boards Must NOT be Run by Insiders
Court Experts Must Derive 50% of Earnings From Non Court-Related Work
  • Experts Working Only On Court Cases Become Hired Guns For Friendly Attorneys
  • Experts  Have No Vested Interest In Our Children Nor Accountability For The Decisions And Recommendations They Make
Division Of Assets Must Be Based On Fair Law
  • Premarital Assets Must Be Protected By Law in All States
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements Are Just Another Revenue Stream For Attorneys – Change The Law And You Eliminate Needing Pre-Nuptial Agreements And Legal Bills
  • Unilateral Divorce Should Not Be The Great Equalizer Of Wealth And An Automatic Transfer Of Wealth To The Other Party
I have added a link to the FCLU in the News and Reform Links section.

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