Sunday, August 2, 2015

2nd Wives Club of South Carolina

The 2nd Wives Club of South Carolina is an organization lobbying to abolish lifetime alimony in the state.
We are women (and their partners) who believe that the alimony laws in the state of South Carolina are outdated, specifically the awarding of permanent alimony as the most common form of alimony awarded. Many of us have been directly harmed by these laws. We may actually be the ones paying our spouse's alimony, because he has suffered a financial downturn. We may not be able to retire, along with our spouse, because our husbands owe their ex-wives so much in alimony each month that retirement is impossible. We may be struggling to put children through college, perhaps step-children whose mother is receiving the money in alimony that should be going toward the childrens' college education. The ways in which the old laws are one-sided are endless. Even short marriages can result in permanent alimony.
That is exactly my situation. I cannot remarry because that would oblige my new spouse to pay alimony to Spring should I become unable to work nor can I ever hope to retire. I now have two children in college and Spring refuses to use one cent of alimony or the money she received from the divorce, let alone her income, to help pay tuition.

The 2nd Wives Club of South Carolina even have their own line of gear.

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