Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why Women File For Divoce Far More Than Men Do

As reported in The Pacific Standard,  the The American Socialogical Institute has published a study on why women file for divorce far more than men do. Many people have assumed this is because women are more sensitive to relationship difficlties than men are.  The ASA study found this not to be true.  (And seriosly - only a true sexist would think so. It is like saying men are more suited to lead governments and businesses.) What the study did find is that women who are married inniciate breakups far more often than their husbands.  If they are not married, men iniciate the breakup about as often as women do.

The study fails to mention the obvious reason. Women receive 95+ percent of alimony.  It is all too tempting to cash out of a relationship for many women.  And if they need to commit a little perjury or fraud like Spring that is not about to stop those without a moral compass.

I will note that I know a lot of women who are divorced and acted quite ethically during the process. But unfortuneately there are many who do not.  Sadly, money is a powerful motivator for evil.

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