Saturday, August 15, 2015

More From Susan Settenbrino

Yesterday I posted a video of a presentation by Susan Settenbrino on judicial bias and the political process. Settenbrino also has a four part series of videos on Divorce Corp's  Family Law Report detailing unethical and corrupt behavior within the family law court system. it is a great series and well worth watching.

One of my concerns about this site is that some may find it anti-lawyer or anti-women so I have striven to emphasize that justice and equality means justice and equality for all. Good lawyers, like all the great civil justice leaders, many of which were lawyers, know this. Settenbrino, I think, clearly does as well.

People who commit discrimination and other illegal acts often "win" in the sense that they garner money or power but what they do not realize is that next time they many be on the losing side of injustice. But to be clear, even for those who commit injustice, I do not advocate committing injustice against them as some form of retaliation. Switching the perpetrator and victim of injustice just perpetuates the cycle of injustice. What I want is to reduce injustice overall.

Part 1 - Misconduct by Judges

Part 2 - Recusals

Part 3 - Politicians in Robes

Part 4 – Lack of Oversight

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