Sunday, October 25, 2015

Are Alimony Laws Unconstitutional?

Four men in Connecticut think so and sued the governor over it in 2013. Full complaint here. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed.
"Alimony is an historical anachronism, a remnant from an earlier legal era when the rights of women vis-à-vis their husbands, and in society in general, were radically different than they are today... Connecticut's alimony scheme is unconstitutionally vague, giving no notice to citizens contemplating marriage or divorce what fate may befall them in a divorce proceeding. The Legislature, by failing among other things even to identify the purpose or aim or alimony, has delegated basic policy decisions to the judiciary without any meaningful guidance."

Pretty much the same situation as we have in Minnesota where criminal and unethical actions are the norm due to vague laws and corrupt judges who rule based on personal interest.

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  1. Posted to facebook. This is probably a quixotic quest, but maybe someone somewhere will eventually listen. My hope is that when the wave of gay divorce follows the wave of gay marriage, and gay exes are made to pay lifelong alimony, there might be enough of an outcry to force legislation.