Friday, October 30, 2015

Oregon Alimony Reform Petition

If you are from Oregon please sign the MoveOn Petition for Alimony reform. The petition was started by  a woman whose husband has to pay crippling alimony to a previous spouse who does not need it.

In her own words
Please support HB 2559 HB 2495 which will create much-needed alimony (spousal support) reform in Oregon. My husband, and thousands of other payers like him, has been strangled by excessive alimony payments to a wealthy college-educated woman for ten years (despite a reduction in his income) with no end in sight. Modifications are terribly expensive to seek and difficult to obtain, even when a payer has lost his or her job. The economic downturn has created a system in which payers go bankrupt trying to support a former spouse, while that former spouse has no obligation to seek employment and suffers no income decline. Our bill would set guidelines for alimony awards, thus reducing expensive and heart-wrenching litigation, and would equalize the system to lessen the punishment suffered by income earners when a marriage fails.


  1. I can't find any information concerning this bill. It appears HB2559 refers to solar panels in condominiums per

    What outcome happened to the original HB2559 bill that addresses alimony reform?

    1. Thank you. You are correct. The bill is actually HB 2495. (fixed above) The source I copied from was wrong. The bill is still in "introduced in House" status and no vote has been taken. You can follow the process at: