Monday, February 1, 2016

Cohabitation Is Often Hard to Define

I completely support Minnesota HF 1333 which would end alimony payments in Minnesota upon the cohabitation of the recipient rather than only remarriage as current law stipulates but the bill is just a small step on the path to full reform.

New Jersey, which did pass a law that ends alimony upon cohabitation, is already struggling with defining cohabitation. When can ex-husband cut off alimony to former wife who has boyfriend? Currently in Minnesota, and previously in New Jersey, the recipient is incentified to not get married. Ending alimony upon cohabitation incentifies recipients to either not cohabitate or hide the fact that they are. This is still better than before because hiding cohabitation is a bigger hassle than just not marrying as you need to maintain separate mailing addresses and accounts.

Real alimony reform will end permanent alimony in all but the most unusual circumstances and make any awards of alimony reasonable, limited and fair.  

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