Friday, February 5, 2016

Divorce Costs Everyone

You may think that unethical and criminal actions surrounding divorce just affects the parties involved. It doesn't - it hurts everyone. Why?

  • As I have emphasized on, family courts are literally a cesspool of unethical and criminal activity. People who commit crimes in one area, especially if they get away with it, are more likely to commit crimes in other areas. And those who witness such crimes learn that crime does indeed pay, and pay well. 
  • The massive cost to taxpayers who not only pay for many of the court costs but have to make up for the reduced taxes paid to the government when one person is awarded the right to live off another's labor rather than becoming a productive tax-paying member of society. 
  • The damage to children who learn first hand that doing the right thing and maintaining your integrity can cause you to spend the rest of your life working for the benefit of someone who has no such scruples. 
  • Increased violence agaisnt others and themselves by the victims, including children. 
One of the most direct ways that divorce costs taxpayers is through increased social security costs because divorced people can both claim full spousal benefits whereas married people can only claim one. This is so lucrative that many financial planners advise clients to get divorced as a strategy to maximize their social security benefits. CNN Money says:
"Divorced people can get something married people can't, namely two free full spousal benefits rather than just one," according to "Get What's Yours."

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