Sunday, February 7, 2016

Divorce in America: Who Wants Out and Why?

The Austin Institute has some relevant and fascinating information on Divorce in America: Who Wants Out and Why?

Women are far more likely to desire and file for divorce. Why? They often cite physical or emotional abuse. But sadly that is all too often just a tactic to garner more money that has nothing to do with reality.
Physical violence is an alarmingly common reason listed by women seeking divorce—at 21 percent—a figure nearly three times higher than that reported by men. Yet when currently-married couples are asked about physical abuse, nearly identical shares of men and women (10% and 11%, respectively) say that they have experienced some form of physical abuse at least once in their current marriage. About one in every 200 currently-married men and women report numerous instances of physical violence, while 5 percent of women and 4 percent of men report that their current spouse has been physically violent with them more than once. 
It is tragic when men abuse women, But it is also tragic when woman abuse men. And false accusations of abuse are, if not just as bad, right up there.

There was never even a hint of physical or emotional abuse by me during my relationship and marriage to Spring. She, on the other hand lied so frequently it seemed like an addition, stole money regularly and was violent enough to permanently shift my septum when she hit me in the face one day. Her moral compass, barely functioning during our marriage, was totally tossed overboard during the divorce.

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