Monday, June 6, 2016

Alimony In Florida

Ayo and Iken has an interesting discussion on how alimony works, or doesn't, in Florida.

I would like to see the permanent alimony disappear. I think there are only select situations where it should actually happen. I feel like it is being misused and it’s not the intent of the original law. I see situations where, it’s mainly men, are paying permanent alimony to a woman who at the time did raise the children, wasn’t able to earn, but has now chosen to only work part-time and kind of hangout and do their thing while the ex-husband is continuing to work to try to meet that alimony obligation. I just don’t think it’s fair and equitable. Something needs to change. I don’t know how to fix it, but I’m not happy with the current state of the law.
-- Kristal Knox 

In Minnesota, I pay permanent alimony to a person who divorced me, was not the primary caregiver of the children according to the custody evaluator and who can make just as much money as me according to the employment evaluator.

The family court system is far, far more dysfunctional and unjust than people realize.

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