Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ohio Alimony Reform

Ohio Alimony Reform (O.A.R.)  is is yet another state organization hoping to reform the most severe injustices of current alimony laws and rulings. Like many such organizations it takes its inspiration from the successful Massachusetts Alimony Reform effort.

O.A.R.'s goal are pretty straightforward:  

  1. Preserve the Viability and Logic of Legal Marriage.
  2. Promote Family Peace and Well Being Following Divorce, via Fairness.
  3. Establish Consistent, Predictable, and Reasonable Alimony Amounts and Duration.
  4. Enable Parties to Remain Whole after a Divorce;  Able to Rebuild, Have Hope, and Eventually Retire.
  5. Outline and Weight the Factors that are Fair, Feasible, Complete, and Unambiguous in Establishing Spousal Support.

Like most alimony reform reform goals it is hard to disagree with them. Pretty much the only people that do disagree with them are those who don't understand them. That is why in Massachusetts alimony reform passed the legislature unanimously with full support from the Bar Association and Women's groups.

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