Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Reality of Lifetime Divorce

One thing I have heard over and over from people who have gone through an unjust divorce is that they thought they were the only one. I have felt this way many times. It just seems so impossible that what I experienced could be anything other than a fluke. After all, how can society be so unfair? How can Family Court reward the bad and punish the good? How can it so callously destroy children's lives?  It is almost a coping strategy to think that what happens to you is not what normally happens. But it does. Take a look at this video:

Unfortunately that same denial of reality is what keeps legislators, law enforcement, good lawyers and ethical judges from addressing the problem. They just do not believe the problem it exists other than as a rare misfortune.  They believe the system works and no changes are needed. They are wrong.

The reality is that injustices in divorce affects many people Just in Minnesota it causes the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars from the law abiding to the criminal. It costs millions in lost tax revenue. It destroys lives. It harms children. It teaches hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that the legal system is fundamentally unjust. And it is destroying the institution of marriage. I could go on and on.

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