Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Touchy Subject

The wave of women coming out with sexual harassment allegations has led to the resignation of powerful businessmen and politicians. The issue is in the media constantly and everyone is talking about it. But they are not talking about it in the right way. It isn't a "male problem" as a student activist stated on the radio this week. Abuse and harassment are wrong no matter who commits it, male or female. Don't kid yourself - Woman are just as abusive as men. There is no difference. They commit physical abuse and emotional abuse. If you do not think so then you are living in sexist world where you believe that somehow women are the weaker sex both physically and emotionally.

I never once stuck or even came close to hitting Spring. Yet she whacked me all the time when we first started going out. I have a permanently shifted septum from her. She thought it was great fun. I was never emotionally abusive to her yet she constantly was to me. She habitually lied, was a spendthrift, and committed some of the heinous perjury imaginable during the divorce.  Yet no one calls her abusive.
In a world of equality mentally fit adults are held accountable for their actions no matter who they are. If they are not, the ones held less accountable will be discriminated against in other areas to make up for this imbalance. 
Some people get this. Pamela Anderson is one.

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