Saturday, December 30, 2017

Crimes in Family Court

Sadly crimes committed Family Court, even felonies, are rarely punished and often rewarded. Which is of course the very reason they are so prevalent. In fact, false accusations of abuse comprise the vast majority of abuse allegations and there is essentially zero chance the person making the false claim will be prosecuted.

Judges are required to issue protective orders if they believe there is a 51% chance the claim is true. In reality, they almost always issue the order and if there are children it means putting them in the custody of the person who made the claim. Given that the vast majority of abuse claims are false that means the children are likely to be put into the custody of a criminal and the person who is the actual abuser. Crazy system we have.

One of the most bizarre cases involved late night television host David Letterman. In 2005 a woman who never met the comedian filed for and received a protective order against Letterman because he was allegedly “beaming televised code words and seductive eye gestures” at her. Because there was no requirement for a physical altercation, the order was granted.

Lawyers such as Nelly Wince are likewise free to commit fraud, even blatant fraud, in court because there is a near zero chance they will be punished. The Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board in my area was unable to provide a single example where a lawyer had been even reprimanded let alone disbarred for lying in family court.

Intelligent yet immoral criminals naturally gravitate to areas where the risk of being caught is low. 

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