Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sexual Harassment Discussion Reaches New Levels of Absurdity

People have become irrational when discussing sexual harassment. It has become absurdest theater. Or maybe more Monty Python.

Matt Damon statement that there is a spectrum of behavior when it comes to sexual harassment:
"I do believe that there’s a spectrum of behavior, right?" Damon told Travers. "And we’re going to have to figure — you know, there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?"
prompted his ex-girlfriend Minnie Driver to angrily tweet: 
“There is no hierarchy of abuse – that if a woman is raped [it] is much worse than if woman has a penis exposed to her that she didn’t want or ask for … you cannot tell those women that one is supposed to feel worse than the other.
“And it certainly can’t be prescribed by a man. The idea of tone deafness is the idea there [is] no equivalency.
 “Men can rally and they can support, but I don’t think its appropriate, per se, for men to have an opinion about how women should be metabolising abuse. Ever.”
Wow. Driver's comments come very close to being anti-men in nature. It is sexist. And there is no difference between someone who is sexist against men and someone who is sexist against women.

I wonder if Driver feels like she cannot, ever, understand what it is like to be a man with the constant threat of violence? Because, of course, nearly all violence is committed against men and women not only have never been drafted they do not even need to register for it. 

Or maybe she just cannot comment on alimony because she doesn't understand what it like to be a slave to a person who has abused and committed crimes against him most his life? (at least that was my experience) 

Call me naive but I think people can understand a lot. A white person can understand a black one.  A man can understand a woman. An introvert can understand an extrovert. A short person can understand a tall one. A beautiful person can understand a not so beautiful one. A smart person can understand a not so smart one. And all vice versa. 

I don't mean they know exactly how the other feels on everything but no two people can ever achieve that as we are all unique. But you can understand and you can empathize. 

Try reading more if you want to understand how it is to be someone else. 

Broad classifications such as the ones Ms. Driver makes are the root cause of all discriminatory beliefs, including sexism. 

If you really think men, all men, cannot understand women then the opposite is true. And we are all doomed. 

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