Friday, March 30, 2018

Corrupt Systems Are Hard To Change

Corrupt systems are hard to change. From 1880 until 1950 over 4000 lynchings occurred agaisnt blacks in 12 southern states. How did the perpetrators get away with this? Because the legal system was rife with corruption. Police, lawyers and judges all let it happen and often were complicit themselves. In almost all cases, even those who knew it was wrong did nothing to stop the murders from being committed. 

To be clear - I believe that the majority of people, in general and within the legal system, during this time did not participate or condone lynchings. But they did not actively work to stop it. The result is that they let a small group of vile and criminal people define their collective morality.

The reason they did not speak up is that they feared the consequences of doing so. Speaking out would jeopardize not only their and their family's social bonds but also their income and even lives. It was easier and safer to remain silent.

A recent study has demonstrated the downsides to whistleblowers.
"In sum, our findings showed that blowing the whistle had—for a large majority—an adverse effect on life and a very negative impact on the mental health of those who blow the whistle, while society in one way or another benefited from their actions. This apparent misbalance in burden needs to be targeted, not only for current whistleblowers but also for future cases to prevent as much as possible that people no longer blow the whistle because of the negative consequences as shown in our and previous studies."
And the larger the scale of where the corruption exists the greater the risk. Blowing the whistle on accounting practices in a small law firm is a lot less risky than blowing the whistle on common, yet criminal, practices within the legal system. I have had lawyers tell me outright that what happened to me is wrong and criminal but that is just the way the system works. I have had lawyers tell me that they disagree with lawyers associations but cannot speak out agaisnt them as they would be ostracized by their peers.

The corrupt individuals are the cancer that sickens the whole.

This site has provided unquestionable evidence of criminal actions within the legal system. Yet the people who have committed the crimes not only have not been punished but have been greatly rewarded for their actions. And the crime continues.  Every day innocent men, women and children are hurt. Many of those victims become violent or self-destructive. No one knows how many people end up dying but it is pretty clear that not a day goes by without someone dying due to corruption within family court. If you do not believe this you are ignoring reality. 

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