Saturday, March 24, 2018

I Need A Michael Osgood

I need a Michael Osgood.

Although he failed, NYPD’s Special Victims Division's Michael Osgood tried to take down Harvey Weinstein in 2015Why was he unsuccessful? After all he had a victim, Italian model Ambra Battilana and he had solid evidence. What he didn't have was the support of the district attorney. Quite the opposite the DA actively tried to obstruct justice and protect Weinstein. 

In an amazing story, Osgood not only had to put together a case against Weinstein, but had to do so while hiding it from the DA's office as he knew they would dismiss the case given that Weinstein was arguably the most powerful person in Hollywood at the time. 

Like in the divorce industry bringing people to justice takes a lot more than evidence, it takes overcoming the inherent and often pervasive corruption within the legal system. We like to believe that all people are equal under the law but in practice that is far, often very far, from the truth. 

I have the best evidence imaginable that Nelly Wince lied in court and committed fraud. The reaction of the county attorney's office was to tell me there is no law in the state agaisnt a lawyer lying in court. Furthermore, they told me that there is no such thing as fraud upon the court in Minnesota statues despite the very first result when searching Google using the phase "fraud upon the court Minnesota" demonstrates otherwise.  The fact they told me both in writing shows just how normal obstruction of justice is for them. 

I need a Michael Osgood because even though he failed in 2015, just look where Harvey Weisntein is today. And that DA that tried to thwart Osgood's investigation? Today he is fighting for his job. 

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