Sunday, December 9, 2018

Family Court - the Source of the Corruption

I ran across a great video on corruption in family court.

Mostly it discusses corruption as related to child support. Thankfully this is one area that Minnesota has reformed. Unfortunately, the corrupt practices simple moved to alimony. 

For child support, Minnesota has a formula that in essence is skewed to the benefit of the child. It can be unfair as often one parent is unwilling to work responsibly or hides their true income by working off-books but I do not have an issue with that. It isn't the child fault they have an unethical parent after all.  The interests of the child overrides fairness for the parents. Which is unfortunate but there is really no other way as trying to determine a fair solution would not only be difficult as people would lie and commit fraud but incredibly costly. You know like trying to determine alimony. 

If Minnesota would reform alimony like they have child support the crime, cost and pain it causes would be reduced by an order of magnitude. 

The other thing I love about the video is that is contains scenes from Les Misérables, one of my favorite books and plays. 

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