Friday, November 13, 2020

California Alimony Reform

In the recent election one measure not on the ballot in California was to limit alimony to 5 years. The measure was pushed by Steve Clark and California Alimony Reform but they were unable to raise enough money to gather the necessary petitions to get it on the ballot. 

Clark pays $1000/month in alimony whereas I pay three times that. Furthermore I was required to pay child support for both children until the youngest one was out of high school not just until they turned 18 as it apparently is California. Minnesota is possibly the worst state there is when it comes to divorce. 

I have been quite busy preparing for my upcoming hearing on my motion to set aside the judicial order for permanent alimony. (called spousal support in Minnesota) Every time I write about what has happened to me I am struck with how good of a case I have. This is immediately followed by a punch to the gut knowing that despite the facts, the law, and principals of equality and fairness, I have nearly always lost in court. Whether I win or lose this round, it will be the last battle. 

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