Sunday, November 22, 2020

California Family Law Corruption

I ran across a telling article on Rigging Domestic Violence Cases for the Win in California. Lawyers are worried about COVID-19... specifically how it will affect their income. So what do they do? They rig the system of course!

Secret recordings taken from a conversation of divorce attorney Nicole Ford and Michael Clark following a Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council meeting reveal a scheme being used in family court to earn more money for lawyers impacted by COVID. Meaning with courts closed, lawyers are attempting to use domestics violence cases to move to the front of the line and assure cases will be heard and fees will be paid sooner than other motions. 

Divorce lawyers are reportedly working with bailiffs in courthouses to identify couples ripe for a false domestic violence claim. According to the Mitchell Papers left behind at a San Jose private school, divorce lawyers are working with clients years before a divorce case and setting up former spouses for a nasty and corrupt divorce that include a claim of domestic violence in the family court. 

Sadly this is quite similar to what I went through. Spring made false abuse accusations in her affidavits agaisnt me. Interestingly enough she later completely and totally refuted those accusations when on the witness stand in one of the hearings. Why would she do such a thing? I suspect because the accusations were either written or ghost written by her lawyer, Nelly Wince

After all one of my lawyers wrote a completely fictitious affidavit and was astonished that I would not sign my name to it. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.  

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