Friday, November 27, 2020

The 1898 Wilmington Massacre

Not many people realize that shortly after the civil war there was a period when blacks were far freer and had more rights than the later Jim Crow era which began in the late 1800's. In Wilmington, North Carolina there were many black business owners, doctors, lawyers, judges and elected officials. All was good until the some whites decided to take power in what is often called the only successful coup d'etat in the United States. It was a raw power grab. Hundred of blacks were murdered. It was horrific. Not a single person was ever prosecuted. 

Now why am I writing about a massacre of blacks in 1898 on a site highlighting crime and corruption in the divorce industry? The Wilmington massacre was not just a group of criminals killing blacks. They were aided, abetted, and protected by the people in power, or at least those whites left in power after legitimately elected blacks were forced out. Where were the police? Where were the city, county and state attorneys? Why did judges overlook the crimes? That all sounds quite familiar to me.

You might scoff at that as obviously there is not a mob outside my house trying to kill me but you would be underestimating the damage unethical and criminal behavior in family court causes. The direct victims, including children, many times turn to drugs or violence, often agaisnt themselves, due to the hopelessness of achieving justice. Furthermore, they and everyone even tangentially familiar with the facts learn that crime pays so are more likely to commit crimes in their own lives. 

When the judicial system itself is unjust, society inevitably breaks down bit by bit. 

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