Sunday, January 17, 2021

Injustice And Identity

All injustice has a sort of coherence. It doesn't really matter if the injustice is identity based or not. Don't get me wrong -  there is clearly injustice based on race, ethnicity and religion but there is also injustice against individuals not based on such criteria. At its core, injustice is due to people seeking power and money. It may, however, be convenient for those bad people to group victims together in some way because it is both easier to identify the victims as well as get supporters for your abusive actions (this is where, for example, racism comes from) but it is not necessary. You see, those who want to commit evil will find a way. 

You could categorize me as having a group identity in several ways; however, none of these are currently (historically it would be certainly true) widely thought of as being a disadvantaged group. I suppose if you were to categorize the disadvantaged group I am in, it would be people going through a divorce who are "responsibly, hard-working and honest" as that group has the worst outcome in family court. You could probably add "male" just because if the only thing changed in my case were the genders, I almost certainly would not be in the situation I am. 

It is a rare bad person who is only bad in one area or agaisnt one group. Racists are not likely to be loving, empathetic parents. Lawyers who commit fraud in court no doubt commit crimes in other areas just as easily. Which is a good reason to not tolerate by inaction the crimes of others. Not identifying with a victim should give no cause for comfort. Next time it could just as easily be you who is the victim. Power and money remember?

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  1. You are not alone, but it is women, too. I think that’s how the judicial officials hide their true objectives - by masking it as sexism. Both men and women file complaints of sexism, and so the complaints carry no weight. The corrupt official carries on undeterred. The gender war ends with us uniting with women to defeat the horribly corrupt Injustice System, and restoring a safe society for our children. The judiciary has failed us.