Saturday, January 2, 2021


Just before Christmas a hearing was held on my motion to eliminate spousal support and set aside the decree ordering permanent spousal support. As the evidence is so clear that fraud upon the court was committed, setting aside the ruling should be a slam dunk. Except... in Minnesota as far as I can tell this has never happened. Which is such a strange thing given that fraud upon the court is considered so serious it has no statue of limitations. Like first degree murder. Additionally, everyone knows it happens regularly in family court. This why I state that family court in Minnesota is institutionally corrupt or, to state it another way, committing crime in court is normal and accepted. 

The judge, a new one, stated that their is little precedent for giving back money due to crime so my hopes are dimmed. Although he had not read any of the docket so there is still some hope. 

Spring, with her new lawyer, asked the judge for even more money, including attorney fees. Of course she did. Because taking far more than half of marital assets at the time of the divorce, alimony for over a decade and never having spent anything on the children from her own income is not enough. And remember, the custody evaluator ruled she was not the primary parent and the vocational evaluator ruled she could make as much money as me. Also, despite joint custody post divorce, the kids started almost immediately spending more time with me which soon turned to 100%. They still live with me even though both are now graduated from college. 

Spring also asked that I be held in contempt of court and if I do not pay up be sent to jail to "coerce" me into paying. A strange thing about U.S. law is that a judge can send a person to jail indefinitely with no charges for contempt if court. As I told the judge, if he rules agaisnt me and cites me for contempt of court it will be appropriate because ti would adequately reflect the ocean full of contempt I would have. 

It is simply madness. I do not know how else to describe a system that purports to uphold the law and ensure justice but breaks it at every opportunity and mandates injustice. All for fistful of silver coins. 

So now I wait. My life hangs by a thread. 

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