Thursday, January 7, 2021

That Familiar Feeling

I have tried to stay non-political on this site mainly because crime knows no political boundaries, but after the events of yesterday at the Nation's Capitol I feel a need to speak out. I might just as well state what I think of Trump. He is narcissistic anti-democracy megalomaniac who cares only for himself. But that is not really what upsets me about him. What upsets me about him is that people support him. They turn a blind eye to his crimes and bullying tactics.  

Traitor At The Capitol
That feeling is familiar. It is how our legal system works especially in family court. It isn't bad people such as Spring and Nelly Wince who upset me so much as there will always be bad people, it is the people and institutions such as the county attorney (a staunch Democrat), the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board and judges who ignore and often reward crime and unethical actions which give me that sinking hopeless feeling. 

Sadly, people are not all that good. People who are happiest in this world live in societies where legal systems are clear, transparent, and fair. Without that we have a breakdown in society. 

If we want to have a better world we need a better legal system. One where crime is an accepted practice only generates more crime and suffering. It really isn't all that complicated. 

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