Thursday, August 19, 2021

Lying In Family Court

I ran across a great article on why people lie in family court titled, Yes Virginia, Judges, Lawyers, Custody Experts, Accountants and Realtors  Lie In Family Court.

In essence, it argues that people lie in family court because there is no negative consequence in doing so yet much to gain.     

One point I disagree with it is that lawyers are legally immune. Lying to deceive is fraud and lawyers hold no special immunity when it comes to fraud. At least in law but sadly in practice it is quite different. 

Interestingly, toward the end of the article the argument is made that the only way to change the system for the better is to publicly call out the corrupt lawyers, judges and others who commit crimes in family court. 

​The only way for all of this to change is for the public to start naming the judges and removing the bad ones from their communities, by way of vote, so that future families are not harmed.  Judges who stop paying crooked lawyers and experts to keep the fighting parents in court longer, will succeed in resolving family law issues, not personally profiting from them. Judges have become bullies and villains , not the heroes we once thought them to be. Good judges need to speak up.

 I came to the same conclusion recently which is why I created the site,

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