Thursday, June 29, 2023 Petition

I ran across this petition Broken Justice - Corruption in Broad Daylight in Family Court which, although a few years old, is still relevant. 

In facts, statistics show that more money passes through Family Court than any other Court and the more the attorney charges, people are willing to pay because they think money equals skills. Family Court in the USA is a highly profitable business.  The only winners in these courts are the attorneys

Unethical attorneys' conduct and bad Family Court judgments leave family broke, emotionally and financially damaged. 

Our justice system is not infallible. Instances of judicial misconduct can erode the public's trust in the courts, which ultimately undermines the legitimacy of the institution. The confidence of the American people in the justice system is declining rapidly, and this erosion of trust presents an existential crisis for our society.

Eloquently stated.

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