Friday, June 2, 2023

Crazy Lawyer Video

I ran across this absolutely crazy video from a couple of lawyers who go by the moniker Pot Brothers at Law. 

It is disturbing on my levels but does make me think. The same for the comments, which are highly supportive.  

I have been pulled over twice by the police. The first time I was stopped at a red light and when the arrow for a left turn only went on I went straight. The cop was nice and in our conversation I mentioned that I had a baby at home who kept me up most the night. This was true. He did not give me a ticket. 

The other time I was pulled over was when I was in another state and made a left turn out of a gas station without realizing it was banned. Again I had a nice conversation with the officer and he let me go without a ticket. 

Of course I realize, if my skin color was darker the odds are I would have received tickets in both instances. 

Still, it is hard for me to be confrontational. I am not sure that really helps. Obviously the people commenting on the video disagree.  And to be clear, not saying anything is confrontational. 

The other part that is disturbing to me is the idea that getting a lawyer is what you need to do. Almost no matter what.  A society where you have to pay a "fixer" to get you out of trouble, whether you are innocent or guilty, is a corrupt society. 

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