Thursday, June 15, 2023

Our Strange Legal System

In 2018, two black men went into a Starbucks to use the bathroom. The manger called the police after they refused to make a purchase or leave. The two sued and  received an undisclosed amount of money as well as fully paid college educations. 

Now the white female Starbucks regional manager, who was fired subsequent to the incident, has won at least $25.6 million ($600,000 in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages) from Starbucks for firing her. She claimed she was fired because she is white. 

Given that I don not really know the details on why the these awards were made, I do not really know if they were appropriate or not. 

But I do know that I have absolutely unquestionable evidence of a lawyer committing fraud and an county attorney obstructing justice and I cannot even get back the money I lost due to these criminal actions. Let alone punitive damages. 

Our legal system is capricious at best. 

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