Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alimony Reform in Flordia

Last year Florida governor Rick Scott vetoed a very modest alimony reform bill that would have somewhat curtailed permanent alimony and this year it is dead as well. How did this happen? It is significant that one of the main groups fighting against the bill was the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar. That's right - divorce lawyers. The very same people who would have the most to lose in a more just and equitable system. 

Permanent alimony should be outright banned as in almost all cases it enslaves a person until death with no possibility of retirement.  But even long term alimony should only be given in exceptional cases such as where the person receiving alimony is disabled or truly sacrificed their working career to be a full-time parent and homemaker and the person paying did little in those areas. Sadly the most common reason for receiving alimony is irresponsibility during the marriage. It is possibly the only legal way to make a large amount of money by acting immorally. (and quite often criminally) It is certainly the most common. 

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