Sunday, July 27, 2014

More on "Alimony - it works both ways"

In perusing the comments (and many are very insightful) to Lisa Murdy's Time article I mentioned in yesterday's post, I ran across several horror stories including one posted by Robin Hair which including her story and a petition on All I can say is, wow, what a nightmare. Her husband was basically hounded to death by his ex-spouse,  her lawyer and the judge in the case. I can say with assurance that Spring, Nelly Wince and Judge Mearly operate in exactly the same manner as their counterparts did in the Hair case. In fact, in many ways they have behaved far worse as there is such strong evidence in my case.

I do salute Robin Hair for having the courage to name names. Society will only improve if people are willing to speak out against injustice.

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